A growing vampire menace is sweeping throughout the galaxies. Led by a terrorist organization known as the Fang and secretly funded by Kane, CEO of the Crypt Corporation and the richest being in the universe, the vampires threaten to wipe out all life forms and create a society of the undead.

The intergalactic government and police are powerless to stop the vampire peril. Only one group stands in the way of the spreading darkness – SKULLDUGGERY, A rag tag team of freedom fighters headed by the notorious sorceress Pepper, the legendary zombie fighter Captain Patch, and the super genius land fish Marseux. Using a Patchwork army of secret agents spread throughout the far reaches of space, the team is the last hope for life as we know it. Vampire vs. witch, good vs. evil, who will triumph? Find out in…SKULLDUGGERY!

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